Free Credit Reports & Credit Monitoring

Not too long ago, fraud was much more difficult and less frequent than it is today because information is so much easier to access by those who are computer savvy. The public is not fully informed on the actual figures of personal fraud, but those numbers are excessively high. That is why I get my free credit report each year, and you should, too. One never knows when criminals are going to strike, so being diligent with personal information is crucial.

Armed with all my personal information, credit cards and loans, I carefully looked over my report, ensuring that all that is listed is completely accurate. This is a very important step that some consumers miss out on, putting themselves at risk to becoming a potential fraud victim. Some consumers have so much available credit to them, through numerous credit cards, that they do not take the time to inspect each and ensure they were the ones who made the applications. This is one thing you should make sure you set aside some time for each year. With your my free credit report, you can analyze and make notes of the year's financial activity and stay on top of any potential security concerns.

Criminals can strike in many ways, often starting slow before they move in for the final blow. Very easily, they can wipe out savings accounts and create insurmountable debt for an unsuspecting victim. With all the warnings we receive as consumers, it is up to us to ensure that we do the proper maintenance to avoid this from ever happening because, if it does happen, it could change your life dramatically. This is one reason why identity theft insurance is in demand now-a-days. No one wants to find out after their savings account has been depleted.

My Free Credit Report Used In Conjunction With Most Good Credit Monitoring Services Should Help Your Stay Ahead Of Cyber Criminals

As responsible adults, we need to be thorough about our own finances, about how much we owe, and to whom. While banks and creditors are continuously doing their part to avoid fraudulent activities, the consumer must partake, as well, by being cautious. Failure to do some will only result in catastrophic results, unfortunately. The truth is, damage caused by fraud can also occur even for those who have been diligent and responsible. The difference is that the damage will likely be minimal, being caught in time before spiraling out of control.

That is the exact reason why all consumers should check their credit scores frequently over the course of a calendar year. Specialists recommend at least twice yearly, but the optimum recommendation is at every season, meaning every four months. This way, if any credit applications were made out in your name by fraudsters, then their activities could be stopped before too much damage is done. If someone were to check their report on a yearly basis, or none at all, as is done is some cases, then the consumer targeted would not ever know what hit him or her.

I have always been extra careful with credit applications, doing what is best and never taking risks. When it comes to my free credit report, a newly updated one is pulled with every changing season, so that this important task is not neglected. Although the first one is free and those following within one calendar year come at a cost, it is the best investment I have ever made for myself and my peace of mind. Using the my free credit report along with a strong credit monitoring program should keep your identity secure. Visit to learn more about your credit monitoring options.